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Specialty Session Workshops

SSW workshops provide an informal forum for workshop participants to lead their own sessions. The goal of the sessions is to encourage new conversation, build community, raise questions, and work towards solutions around a variety of participant-originated topics. 


Sessions can include:

  • Discussion of themes from the main conference in more depth

  • Questions and challenges in costume curriculum & pedagogy

  • Emerging participant research

  • Maker Sessions 

  • Book clubs

  • Topic-themed working groups

  • Affinity spaces

Workshops can be on any subject relevant to the costume and academic community. Sessions should encourage lively debates, inclusivity and serve our community building efforts.

At SSWs, participants create the schedule! We know that not everyone will be able to attend every session, and that the last-minute nature of the schedule sometimes makes it difficult to plan ahead. The benefit of this flexibility allows participants to respond to the emerging themes of the first weekend; attend as you are able based on your interests. SSW materials are available to all ReDressing the Narrative registrants even if you are unable to attend a specific session synchronously.

Past Specialty Sessions


  • Upcycle Costume Design

  • Revising your Fashion History class

  • Resourcefulness as Sustainability

  • Sketching & Sustainability

  • Publishing Q & A

  • Positive Outcomes for Costume Design Assistants

  • Spirit of Place: Dye Garden Conversations

  • Back to School

  • Green Productions: Reframing Season Selection to Highlight Sustainable Practices

  • Shifting the Renting / Borrowing Paradigm

  • Agency of Non-Human Materials in Performance

  • Raiding Each Other's Closets

  • Book Club: Worn, A People's History of Clothing

  • Parents Affinity Space

  • Maker Session: Finger Loop Braiding

  • Impact of AI on Costume Arts

  • Building Community Around Industry Activism & Progress

  • Reframing Design Through the 6 "R's" of Research


  • You Don’t Have To Solve Everything

  • Talk It Out!

  • Teaching: Theory and Practice

  • Wellness

  • Historic Pattern and Patternmaking Resources

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness- Get Those Student Loans Forgiven!

  • Collaboration: Boundaries, Styles and Philosophies

  • Theatrical Intimacy and its Costume Relationship (Practices for Respecting Gender and Boundaries

  • Other Ways to Use A Costume Degree? Areas of Study, Careers and Research

  • Affinity Group: Non-Tenure Track Faculty, Professors of Practice, Teaching Artists/Staff

  • When We Don’t Agree: Talking To Students When Our Views Differ

  • Body, Mind and Spirit: What Self-Care Can Look Like

  • Universal Design For Learning: Inclusive Applications For Theatre Classrooms

  • Confidence Building Exploration

  • Making The Most of Hot Moments

  • Wear Your Lace Collar: Legal Stuff and You!

  • Smartphone Apps for Costuming and Wellbeing

  • Fashion Icons: The Dressed Bodies of Sumerian Temple Statues as Ideal Worshipers

  • Color By Numbers: Neurodiversity and Costume Design

  • Equitable Grading For Costume Courses

  • YouTube and Academia

  • Mindfulness in Teaching and Practice For Costume Educators


  • “Talk It Out”

  • Process & Practice as Scholarship

  • Reconnecting with your Artistic Self

  • Navigating Academic Conferences

  • What should we carry out of Zoom-Land?

  • Cultural Appropriation in the Classroom (part 2)

  • Decolonizing our Classrooms: Brainstorming Session

  • Applied Learning: Integrating ReDressing into Pedagogy

  • Accessibility & Inclusion in Costume Design & Construction

  • Teaching Fashion Theory

  • Period Pattern making: Shifting the Paradigm

  • Custom Knitted Goods in Design & Pedagogy

  • Using Collage in Costume Design Rendering

  • Filipiniana Dress History

  • Brief History of Hawaiian Dress

  • Native American Clothing in the 17th Century Northeast

  • Ancient Making: Whip-cords


  • Catch up for Parents

  • Creative Zoom Activities

  • Academic Research & Scholarship

  • Beginners Guide to Fellowships

  • Inclusive Teaching Strategies

  • Architecture & Decor

  • One-semester model for Period Styles

  • Period Styles for Actors

  • Utilizing Collections in Teaching

  • Teaching Fashion Theory

  • Ancient World Dress

  • Filipiniana “Global Dress”

  • How to make Rope from Plants

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