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Our annual ATCA workshop, ReDressing the Narrative, centers the unique challenges & interests of costume educators: 
  • Costume Pedagogy:

    • Backwards Design

    • Scaffolded Assignments

    • Transparency in Teaching

    • Accessibility & Inclusivity

    • Empathy-Centered Teaching

    • Difficult Classroom Moments

  • Costume Curriculum:

    • Costume Design

    • Fashion/ Costume History

    • Costume Construction

    • Production Practica

    • Hair & Makeup

  • Special Topics:

    • Decolonizing Fashion

    • Social Justice

    • Sustainability

    • Student & Faculty Burnout

    • Creativity

2024 Theme: Curiosity, Creativity, Joyful Practice

Over the last few years, we have heard from educators frustrated with an increasing lack of creativity they see in student work. We have heard the question, “Geez, do I have to teach students how to be curious?” In this workshop, we tackle this question head on, asking: “How do you teach curiosity?”

  • What would it look like if we prioritized curiosity as a learning objective? How do you scaffold creativity?

  • By leading with curiosity, we hope to recover a spirit of creativity—for both us and our students. We believe more creativity will alleviate some of the anxiety that has permeated our world, allowing us to conduct a more joyful practice.

  • By re-centering joy in our costume practice (putting the “play” back in making plays), how can costume education model the kind of creativity that we hope to instill in the next generation of happy, healthy citizens.

2023 Keynote Speaker: Elena Araoz

Faculty of Theater, Princeton University; Founder and Director of Innovations in Socially Distant Performance, also Producing Artistic Director of the Programs in Theater and Music Theater Season
“Elena Araoz is a director with deep wells of imagination; she seems drawn to magical realist work.” Time Out New York

As a director and performer, Elena explores character psychology through curiosity and compassion, drawing connections between failure and comedy, and will help us think about how to recover play.

Enrich your ReDressing the Narrative experience by leading or participating in Specialty Sessions between workshop weekends. Facilitate a discussion (you don't have to be an expert!), share your scholarship, brainstorm new ideas, unpack the workshop. Details about how to sign up for this "bonus" time will be shared with registration materials in May.​ With institutional support from the University of Michigan, the workshop remains free of charge and hosted on zoom. 

Workshop 2024 Schedule
May 18-19 & June 1, 1-4PM ET

May 18: Community Gathering; Panel Discussion

May 19: Keynote Address

May 20-31: Specialty Sessions

June 1: ATCA | Connecting and Community

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