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Past Workshops Archive

2022- Healthy Boundaries / Sustainable Practices

In 2022 we considered the sustainability of our own design and teaching practices, using “boundary thinking” to explore healthier relationships around teaching, design, and production. Experts Victoria Genetin (Inclusive Pedagogy) and Amy West (Wellness) provided resources and guidance to foster inclusive and healthy teaching in all our spaces.

2021- Scholarship & Leadership

In 2021, the conversation continued, again led by Chloe and with seed funding secured by Christianne through the University of Michigan, School of Music, Theatre & Dance. ReDressing the Narrative 2 identified leadership skills and set future goals. Our first keynote speaker, Michelle Lui Carriger, shared strategies and led a discussion to help navigate classroom discussions on culture and cultural appropriation.

2020- Costume History Pedagogy

Chloe Chapin (Harvard) and Christianne Myers (University of Michigan) co-led “ReDressing the Narrative,” investigating new ways to teach Costume History within a theatre design curriculum. Chloe had heard an urgent need from costume history teachers to disrupt the Euro-centered “parade of fashion” we all learned but were struggling to re-envision another way. 

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