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Sustainable Practice / Creative Solutions: A Costume Pedagogy Workshop

Last year, we considered the sustainability of our own practice, using “boundary thinking” to explore healthier relationships around teaching, design, and production.

This year, we investigate global aspects of sustainability:

  • What are the ethical + ecological implications of costume production?

  • As costumers and as educators, what are our responsibilities to climate justice and social justice? 

  • How can academic spaces work as laboratories for encouraging industry change towards “greening” our costume practice?


2023 Keynote Speaker:

Sandra Goldmark



  • May 20 & 21 (1:00-4:00pm ET)

    • ReDressing the Narrative- presentations and breakout rooms

  • May 22-June 3 (various times)

    • Speciality Sessions Workshops* - the opportunity to lead your own discussion and share scholarship 

  • June 3 & 4 (1:00-4:00pm ET)

    • ATCA convening of Working Groups and community building


The workshops continue to center the diverse yet costume-specific needs of this community. With institutional support from the University of Michigan, they remain free of charge and hosted on zoom.

*What Are Specialty Sessions Workshops?

SSWs provide an informal forum for workshop participants to lead their own sessions. The goal of the sessions is to encourage new conversation, build community, raise questions, and work towards solutions around a variety of participant-originated topics. 

Sessions can include:

  • Discussion of themes from the main conference in more depth

  • Questions and challenges in costume curriculum & pedagogy

  • Emerging participant research

  • Maker Sessions 

  • Book clubs

  • Topic-themed working groups

  • Affinity spaces

Workshops can be on any subject relevant to the costume and academic community. Sessions should encourage lively debates, inclusivity and serve our community building efforts. At SSWs, participants create the schedule! SSW materials are available to all ReDressing the Narrative registrants even if you are unable to attend a specific session synchronously.

Workshop 2023 Schedule
May 20-21 & June 3-4

Day 1: Community Gathering; Panel Discussion

Day 2: Keynote Address with Sandra Goldmark

Day 3: ATCA | Connecting and Community

Day 4: ATCA | Committee Meetings

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